Saturday, May 17, 2014

More Photos of the big kids -

  The young adults tend to be relatively physically coordinated and have fairly autonomous lives.
They are always looking for love and attention. Several of them would thrive is an assisted living or halfway house residential setting.

                                                    Ernesto (Canche) 


                                         Jose Luis   (Pajaro)




Ingrid Miranda Profile


 A brief profile of Ingrid Miranda-   She is 14 years old and has lived at this center for 6 years.  Though she is 14 years old, she appears about 9 yrs old. 
She has autism, epilepsy and low intelligence. She can stand, but not walk.  She responds to attention, but in off standard ways.  She enjoys attention. 
She wears and diaper and is unable to speak.  She understands very little of communications.   Controlling her convulsions has been an intermittent 
problem.  She has scoliosis of the spine and her arms and legs are somewhat warped.  One of her legs is shorter than the other. We have recent 
x-rays of her legs and back. 

She has made some progress over the years. It is believed that she was very much neglected by an extremely poor family prior to her entering the 
center 6 years ago. 

There are approximately 10 wheelchairs kids and 60 kids who can walk and have fairly normal mobility. She is in the bottom decile of 
residents in terms of intelligence and physical capabilities. 

With help, she can use a spoon to eat.  

Ideally, we would like ideas to help her come out of her autistic shell.  Ideas for physical exercises and mental stimulation 
would be most helpful also.